5 Outstanding Bachelorette Party Ideas That Don’t Break Your Bridesmaids’ Bank


5 Outstanding Bachelorette Party Ideas That Don’t Break Your Bridesmaids’ Bank

Destination bachelorette parties, and their success, are usually made up of the same things unicorns are made up of – fables and childhood fantasy – much like the fantasy of marrying Prince William or Matt Damon. But that doesn’t mean that your bachelorette party can’t match those of great day-dreams you have while drowning out your boss’s status reports.

Parties of various prices and locations:

Live near a city and you can get in by train?

Off or on Broadway shows prevail not just in New York City, but also in cities like Chicago, Dallas, Boston, New Orleans, Huston, and have plays of varying prices and genre. Check out  broadway.com as a start. And if you are looking for something a little less raunchy than a strip club but still scandalous, I suggest Naked Boys Singing.

Thinking something more relaxed and romantic, but still want to get out of the house?

Wine bars and wineries aren’t just prevalent in Sonoma Valley and the Finger Lakes. Check out Wine Searcher to find wineries in your area. Winery trips can be really cost effective but you can still feel like you are out partying it up. If it is in your budget, hire a limo to take you around.

Still want to spend a weekend on the beach?

This is a tricky one to pull off without costing an arm and a leg and/or taking extensive time off from work. Finding a nearby beach and renting a house so that you can cook your own food is an option. If it is the wrong time of year you might luck out and be able to road trip it down south enough to get some warm weather. If these aren’t in your budget, find out if all the girls are willing to chip in some cold hard cash, albeit less than they would pay for a destination party, and get a nearby hotel with a great indoor/ heated pool and spa. The Gavensport in New York City is a great example.

Like the look of a Vegas or Atlantic City vacation, but they are too far away?

Several states have nearby casino resorts. Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods, New York’s Turning Stone Casino, Lake of the Torches in Wisconsin to just name a few. They aren’t as glitzy, but you can still dance and bar-hop all in one building. And if you can’t afford to stay at the resort, most places have shuttles to nearby less expensive hotels.

Thinking low cost and for an eclectic group?

Sometimes the people invited are short on cash, or don’t feel comfortable in a bar scene. Who says you have to take it out of the house? Pick a location, the bachelorette’s favorite movies like Grease or Thirteen Going on 30, have everyone bring a dish, make some elegant looking cupcakes, and put together games you can all enjoy. One of my favorites is “How well does the bride know the groom?”

Bachelorette Party Must Haves

Pink beaded necklaces

Pin the macho on the man

Party games on the go

What is the most outstanding/creative bachelorette party you heard of/attended?

Posted on October 29, 2013 .